The Tree Frog Saga: Or, the my-husband-and-dogs-are-freeloaders Saga.

I have an interesting story to share, and includes plenty of oversharing (because, that’s my jam):

Around Friday last week I noticed a little tree frog stuck to our front door window. I thought it was kind of neat and left him be to chill out on the cool glass. When I went out later that day, he was gone.

On Saturday morning, I opened the door to let the dogs out and there was the frog again. When I went out later that day, he was no where to be seen.

On Sunday morning, I opened the door to let the dogs out and didn’t see the frog. Once the dogs were back in (and back in their beds) I went to the bathroom to pee. Just as I was sitting down on the toilet, movement caught the corner of my eye. (Good thing I was already on the toilet, because I’m pretty sure I would have peed myself if I wasn’t). Imagine my shock when I realized it was a little frog and he jumped right towards me. I screamed (because, it’s 5 in the morning and I wasn’t expecting anything to jump at me). I also want to take a moment to point out that I never scream, so you would think my scream might startle the four other beings in my house (one husband, three dogs). But no…they couldn’t even be bothered to wake up, let alone come rescue me. Thank goodness it wasn’t a serial killer or I wouldn’t be here to tell this story!

I nagged Mr. Big until he got up and relocated the tree frog to a tree outside (in his underwear, with his eyes still closed…I’m not even sure if he was awake or just sleep walking).

On Monday morning, I went to let the dogs out and there was Mr. Tree frog again, hanging out on the window. I wasn’t careful enough and he fell down onto the floor and then hopped off down the hallway. I tried to catch him but I am not a “things-that-move-and-jump-unpredictably-and-might-be-slimy” kinda girl so after much nagging, Mr. Big came (in his undies, eyes closed, still sleeping) and put him back on the tree outside.

On Tuesday night (last night), Mr. Big came home from a late night fire call to the tree frog on his way across the deck. He grabbed him, carried him to a tree that is across the yard and “explained” to him that he is a tree frog, and should live in a tree. Our door is not a tree. Apparently, tree frogs don’t have ears or if they do, they don’t speak English because this morning (6ish hours after Mr. Big read him his rights) I found the tree frog, once again, stuck to our window.

I’ve realized – for whatever reason – he thinks our door is his home. And to be honest, he’s got grit: we relocated him every day for like 4 days and he continued to come back. I kind of think he’s earned his right to stick to our window. (I’d just prefer him not in the house, because, you know…creepy crawlies/jumpies aren’t my thing.) So now we have a pet tree frog who lives on our front door. His name is Sebastian (because, he needs a name and I am a firm believer in full names that can be used for sophisticated events like dinner parties). (He’s like a wal.mart greeter, but not for wal.mart, not old (or, he doesn’t have grey hair) and not really that friendly…so probably not really like a greeter at all…)


He likes long hops through grass, moonlight serenades and cool glass windows to press his little sticky feet to. Welcome to the family, Sebastian.

P.S: My dogs will chase a leaf/squirrel/frog/plastic bag/thing that isn’t really there across the yard, barking and trying to eat it. But when there is a living, breathing creature – who shouldn’t be there – in my house???

“You’ve got that, right? We’re pretty busy….”

I need new guard dogs…perhaps guardier, doggier and less free-loadery ones.

P.P.S: Mr. Big, while he did dispose of the frog twice, only did so at my incessant nagging and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even wake up for it so I’m not sure he gets any points. What is the point in having a big, strong firefighter hubby if, in an emergency*, he reacts by continuing to snore? His defense was “that’s why we have dogs, your beef is obviously with the dogs, and not me…because they’re the ones not doing their jobs and being free loaders.” Touche, Mr. Big, touche.

P.P.P.S: I need to take a self defense course because CLEARLY I’m on my own.

P.P.P.P.S: I am not actually afraid of frogs…I just don’t like things that sneak up on you, and do unpredictable things like jump at your face with ninja stars in their hands paws hooves feet (?) (what are their feet called??). OK, maybe I made up the ninja stars bit…

*Totally know this was NOT an emergency, and Mr. Big is still my hero even if he didn’t leap from bed, armed and at the ready, to save his damsel in distress from a teeny, tiny, little tree frog who *literally* cannot hurt me.


#Microblogmondays – Things I’ve Learned

It’s amazing: when you’re a teenager all of your energy is focused on figuring out who you are and what your place in the world looks like. You build off what you already know and add in a few changes and new things. Then, in your 20s, you do it again. And in your 30s, you do it again. And, I’d imagine, in my 40s, I’ll do it again.

Right now I am 13 days away from turning 31 and I am already feeling the stirring of my personal preferences – prepping for another layer of self awareness.

I already know who I am is made up of my family (including pets), my violin, reading, friends and spending time in nature. What is new to me now is that there is almost nothing I want more than to be at home, with Mr.Big and our pets. Any absence reminds me how much I enjoy our home and our family. I was never a homebody before – but now it’s what I look forward to whenever I’m away – even if I’m just at work. I love that I love home enough to look forward to it every single day and I love that home is Mr.Big, the pups and me. (Also, I’ve noticed I have a new love for a clean, orderly home and I draw great personal satisfaction in making it so.)

What changes have you seen in yourself in this stage of life? Do you find you seem to readjust yourself every decade or so?

For more #MicroblogMondays, and to see how you can join too, hop on over to Stirrup Queens.


#WordyWednesday – We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t read this book, but plan to, please don’t read this. I try really hard to never spoil books when I do a review – but this one, I just can’t contain it.

This book is the epitome of a parent’s worst nightmare. While I believe it is fiction, Shriver writes so eloquently that it appears to be a true story.

This is a story about motherhood, about parenthood, about mental illness and about guilt.

It’s about a boy, filled with rage and hatred from his very birth, who mercilessly murders his family and his classmates.

It’s about a Mother, filled with guilt about her son’s heinous crimes.

It’s about a Father, blinded by love for his only son and unwilling to see the warning signs.

Mostly it’s about a woman – a woman who never really wanted kids, but loved her husband so much she gave him what she knew he wanted. A woman who was given a child who bore such a natural hate and aversion to her, right from birth, that it shattered her. A woman who was admittedly selfish to the core, and unable to connect with the child she perceived had ruined everything. A woman who was broken, and confused, and hurt, and trying to make the best of a terrible situation. A woman who was dedicated to this child, despite the heinous crime he had committed. A woman determined to punish herself for her mistakes, certain they led to her son’s murder spree. A woman sometimes so completely normal, so completely broken, so completely uncertain that it’s hard not to relate, on some level, to her. Yet, she is very easy to hate…she actually welcomes it.

What is most interesting to me is how happy, healthy and successful they were before they had children. They thrived. But, she was determined that her husband was not happy enough – so she decided to have a child. That child became the very thing that tore their marriage, their love and their happiness to shreds – and later, ripped her husband and her daughter from her life.

Kevin is portrayed as a sociopath. Uninterested in almost everything, even from toddler hood. He is untouchable because he forms no connection to anything. He simply exists, completely in control of every single situation. His malice shows itself multiple times through his childhood, but his Father is completely blinded to his sons odd and alarming behaviour and fiercely defends him. In the end, his father paid with his life for his intentional ignorance. It’s very easy to hate Kevin, but at times – he shows himself as so very human.

In the end, I find the book is about two sociopaths – one more severe than the other. Eva was not a killer – but she was unstable, prone to selfishness, bitter, angry, hurt and, yet, completely unwilling to change anything. Her husband was the counter balance – constantly siding with Kevin, disregarding anything Eva said, and committing her to the role of “less than” which only fueled her dislike for her child. Even though he paid with his life, Franklin was as much part of the problem as Eva was. Then there was Kevin – a killer. While Kevin and Eva were not the same, I think Kevin recognized, in his Mother, a lot of his traits that made him a sociopath and led to his killing spree. He was just a more dangerous version of her…and through their connection, she was as close as it got to someone who actually understood him – and therefore spared her from the killing.

As you can see – this book has given me so much food for thought. Initially, I found it very hard to get through because of the way it was written but around the midway point it picked up and I just couldn’t put it down. It’s definitely interesting, terrifying and thought provoking…but I won’t recommend it because I know it is not for everyone.

#FridayFavs – It’s September!!

Ah it’s September!! My most favourite month, that begins my most favourite season, that leads into my most favourite holidays.

In case you haven’t realized…I LOVE September.

  • I love the way the evenings cool down, and the mornings become crisp.
  • I love the way the leaves begin to change colour.
  • I love the way the grass and leaves crunch under my feet when I walk.
  • I love the reprieve from a hot summer (although, it wasn’t hot this year).
  • I love the entrance into Fall (my fav), and all it entails – Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas!
  • I love the first snowfall, when the season is new.
  • I love cuddling by the fire in the evenings, catching up on our TV shows.
  • I love the calm that comes from back to school/summer vacation over (I live in Cottage country = major traffic during summer).
  • I love hot coffee on cold mornings.
  • I love pumpkin farms, and Christmas tree hunting.
  • I love that our anniversary, and my birthday, are this month.
  • I love curling up under an afghan, by the fire, reading a good book.

I look forward to this season all year long. I just love it so much (the way most people probably love summer). So much fun happens in the Fall, and the early Winter, and I just can’t wait to get started.

How do you feel about September/Fall? What is your favourite season?

Vacation 2017 Recap

This summer we have not been able to carve out much time at all for Vacation (busy around the house!) – but we finally managed to squeeze 9 days at the lake with my in-laws.

Due to Mr. Big’s parental sit-ee-a-shun, the trip is always broken into two halves – the first half with his Mom and Step-Dad and two brothers, and the second half with his Dad and Step-Mom and two brothers.

Part #1 – With Mom (M) & Step-Dad (SD):

This relationship is very complicated – we love M & SD very, very much – but their life is VERY different from ours, and visits with them are often stressful and exhausting. Mr. Big was raised by his Dad (for very good and real reasons), which adds a bit of complication to this equation as his Mom has never quite moved on from that. Regardless, we all love each other very much and work hard to maintain as good of a relationship as we can.

  • Sat/ Sun: The trip started on a sour note – our flight was 1.5 hours delayed – which isn’t so bad except it was midnight, the airport was mostly closed, and the flight (when it finally boarded) was so packed that Mr. Big spent the entire time leaning forward to prevent squishing anyone with his Neanderthal-like shoulder span. Neither one of us slept a wink, but thankfully it was a short flight (2.5 hours).
  • Mon – Wed: We spent the next few days visiting with all of the family on that side, and their friends. It was nice to see everyone, but very loud and long days with lots of booze, heat and not much else. We really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone, though, and it was nice to finally see their house – they’re surrounded by the most beautiful country.20170823_183435
  • They live near a pen of Bison, which was really cool to see – we got really close! P.S: Bison are HUGE and smelly.20170823_150246

Part #2 – With Dad (D) & Step-Mom (SM):

  • This relationship is much more solid. We have a very close relationship with D & SM – and we always look so forward to seeing them. Mr. Big was raised by them, so hearing the stories of him growing up is so much fun. I also love to see him with his Dad and younger brother – they are like three parts of one whole, so similar and so content in each other’s company!
  • Thurs – Sat: We drove to their Lakehouse – a beautiful cottage on a quiet lake, perfect for relaxing! We spent these days lakeside relaxing and getting ready for their 25th Anniversary party. Check out this fruit tray we made:20170826_162754
  • Every day I got to wake up and sip my coffee to this view:20170825_092525
  • It was so relaxing and just what I needed! 20170825_092559
  • Sat/Sun: The 25th anniversary party for D & SM could NOT have gone off better. We surprised them with custom built Adirondack chairs, with designs on them for their beautiful deck. 63 friends came to the party and it was a beautiful, fun, gathering that lasted until the wee hours. It was the kind of party where everyone is respectful, kind and just has a really good time (complete with Tiki Bar and Margaritas!) – no drama of any kind (my kind of party!). They truly have the best circle around them – probably because they are the very best kind of people!
  • Mon: We were all weepy when we parted. We are so close to D & SM, and I hate that we don’t live closer…but we cherish every moment we have with them. I cannot wait to finally have children, so we can share such an amazing Nana and Papa with them.
  • Our flight home was WAY better. We paid the extra $100 for the Plus seating and were so glad we did – the seats were roomier, the middle seat was empty, and Mr. Big was thrilled with the unlimited snacks!

Overall, it was a really good trip. We made some wonderful memories with both sides of the family and had a blast. As always, we were sad to leave, but are very happy to be home.