First posts are always hard to write – so I’m going to make this short and sweet with 10 little facts about me!

  1. I am a seasoned blogger, just starting up a new and fresh space
  2. I read approx. 3 books a month most months
  3. I work in the healthcare sector and love my job
  4. I have OCD – and while I am high functioning, it is a constant struggle
  5. I love music
  6. I am determined to lose at least 50 lbs this year
  7. I HATE ham (I know, who doesn’t love ham???)
  8. Including my in-laws I have 12 grandparents (although, not all living), 54 aunts and uncles, too many cousins to count, three mothers, three fathers, three sisters, four brothers, four nephews and one niece – crazy, right??
  9. I am planning a trip to Ireland this fall and it will be my first time off this continent
  10. I am Canadian!

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