Book Review – Dreams of Joy

So I stumbled upon Lisa See when I was at the dollar store one day and there was here book there for $3. I bought it thinking, hey – it’s $3! It was called “Peony in Love”…and it was amazing.

When I was perusing my normal used book shelf haunts, I saw “Dreams of Joy” and recognized the author immediately. I carried it home determined to delve into it’s luscious pages right away – excited for the possibility of another “Peony in Love”.

I was not disappointed. Lisa See has a way of writing that is mesmerizing and brings you right into her world. I would break from reading, and have to blink away my imagination because if I didn’t, I would still be in the story. She is such a vivid and well written author, and I truly love reading her books.

Above all, it gave me an insight into her characters lives that cannot be rivalled. Not only did I see what Joy say, and smell what Joy smelled but I also got to feel what Joy felt. It was such a great read and really gives you a look at the world in the 1950s Amerca and China- and, more importantly, how lucky we are to be born in the generation we’re in.

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