Fertility Deets

Lately I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking on this fertility (or, rather, infertility) business. I’m fast approaching 30 – and I am ready for this baby to happen. Not that I wasn’t ready the last 5 years of trying or not trying, not preventing – but this time I’m pulling out the big guns.

The Details:

We have been on a break for the last 6 months. I have been working to lose the weight I gained while TTC last time pumping myself full of synthetic hormones. We’ve been busy, and hoping it will “happen naturally” the old fashioned way. But it hasn’t. So I’ve decided to start fresh from the beginning with all the bells and whistles. My previous experience involved a very early PCOS diagnosis after a miscarriage (surprise pregnancy that showed me I really want a baby), followed by medicated cycles. I didn’t get a chance to try naturally, and to be honest – I was completely naive and just did what my doctor said without doing any research or asking any questions. However I am now much wiser and have done much research – and this time I am going to be in charge of our TTC journey.

  1. OPKS – I have just ordered 100 OPKs. I have never used them before because my Dr at the time told me (without doing any tests) that I mustn’t ovulate because I have PCOS (diagnosed visually based on the fact that I had a simple cyst at the time, and where I carry extra weight). I have since learned that I have none of the blood markers for PCOS (hormones are in check and not insulin resistant) and that I DO ovulate…I am not sure if I do every cycle or not but I do ovulate. My current doctor is hesitant to called me a PCOSer – but definitely an occasional (if not more) annovulater.
  2. BBT – I have just ordered my first BBT. I have never charted with BBT before, so this will be a learning experience, but I really want to try it.
  3. Dietary Changes: Both Mr. Big and I struggle with our weight. We’ve made some huge strides in the last few months, and now I’m ready to pare down our diet further to include foods identified as fertility helpers. One of the biggest things is cutting out refined sugar completely (I love a cold soda on a hot day…but no more!). I’ve also read that animal protein – especially non-organic – can really affect your hormonal system. Since we suspect I have a problem with ovulating, we’re trying non-animal protein (or vegan) breakfasts and lunches for the next little while. Natural, non-processed vegetable or grain proteins…and we’ll see if it helps.
  4. I am going to continue my 3 days/week gym regimen (that I will hopefully be able to maintain through a pregnancy with some modification). Mr. Big gets workouts everyday (he’s a firefighter) so he will just keep on keeping on.
  5. I am switching my regular vitamins to prenatals.

So that’s it in a nutshell! We are already careful with the chemicals we use, so I am not concerned about that (I mostly use vinegar). We don’t have a cat – so no worries about litter boxes and I don’t smoke or drink – so I think we’re in a pretty good place to conceive our rainbow baby!! (Come on, Universe!). Am I missing anything?

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