Book Review – The Kite Runner

Once again, Khaled Hosseini, has managed to merge sadness with happiness, poverty with privilege, humanity with sainthood, life with death… weaving it together in a way that makes your heart ache with pain and swell with love all at the same time.

I am truly amazed at his talent with words, knowledge of the human condition, and his ability to weave it all together like the edges of a well made basket. While the story itself is haunting and tragic, it’s peppered with humour and love and beauty. Like his other two books, it is an incredible piece of literature – not for the faint of heart – but worth every single second you spend reading it.

It’s the kind of book that when you are finished, you feel like you have been on a long, tiresome journey and have emerged with a stronger, more developed soul. I would recommend this book, 100%, to anyone who is willing to read through some emotionally difficult parts to reach the most rich, most luscious snippets of what it is to truly be a human. Fantastic…as always.

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Kite Runner

  1. nannygrannie June 1, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Lovely review! This one’s still on my to read list. Wonderful blog by the way, I’m sure looking forward to following as it seems we have plenty in common when it comes to books. If you feel like, check out my page and then maybe we can chat books!


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