#MicroblogMondays – It’s hard for them too

Father’s day was yesterday – and (as expected) everything from Face.book to Twi.tter to TV and billboards were peppered with reminders. It also dawned on me that Father’s Day is hard on Mr. Big too…in a lot of the same ways that Mother’s Day is hard for me.

So yesterday I took a special moment to thank him for all he does for our pups, our nephews, and for me – and then sent him fishing for the day. He may not be a “Father” in the conventional sense, but he is a truly wonderful man who is adored by and a role model for three little boys who he loves with all of his being (even though they’re not our children) and I think that, alone, deserves celebrating. At the end of the day – for us, a childless couple on a holiday reserved for parents – it’s just about highlighting the truly good, kind, fair, loving MEN in my life who are working to make this world a little better, a little friendlier and a little more love filled.

please_let_me_hold_your_hand_by_pippimuckel*See here for more Microblog Monday Posts!


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