Microblog Monday – The Real Hunger Games

I was feeding Turbo (my leopard gecko) this morning, and as I plopped 6 fat crickets into his terrarium it dawned on me…

This is like the real, live version of the Hunger Games…and I am the Capitol.

I know, I know, but stay with me for a second. While I don’t have cotton candy hair, nails and skin – there are some undeniable similarities…

I go reap (buy) 36 crickets from the pet store (ripping them from their little cricket Mommies and Daddies). I bring them home in a plastic bag with egg cartons in it, and transfer them into the training center (cricket keeper). While in there, I fatten them up with vitamins and good food (gut loading) in preparation for the big day. Then, I use a black plastic tube to transport them from their training center (cricket keeper) into the desert-like arena (terrarium). The giant Lizard (Turbo) snaps up as many as he can when they are dropped in, but a few manage to escape and hide in the caves or foliage. But they can’t hide forever because there is only one water source in the hot arena (terrarium). The giant Lizard (Turbo) sits in waiting, knowing their desire to survive will outweigh their need to hide – and they will slowly make their way to the only water source. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes days. But when they do finally come down to the water, Turbo makes his move before they even know what is happening. There can only be one surivivor, and it is always Turbo.

Sick, right? How can I live with myself (Right???)? Seriously, can Lizards be vegetarians? (Just kidding, I know they need live insects to survive). But I can’t help asking myself am I going to have the blood of a thousand crickets on my hands when I die?

I think, from now on, it will be Mr. Big’s job to run the hunger games feed Turbo.

To see more:http://www.stirrup-queens.com/2016/07/microblog-mondays-100-milestones-and-commitments/ 

One thought on “Microblog Monday – The Real Hunger Games

  1. Mel July 26, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    You do know that crickets are my biggest fear. So I am all for the cricket hunger games. GET THEM, TURBO!

    Liked by 1 person

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