Book Review – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Like most Potter fans – I was thrilled to learn there would be a new book and even though I wasnt thrilled it was a screen play – I still couldn’t wait to learn what was happening at Hogwarts.

I wasn’t disappointed. Bearing in mind that it is a sequel – and sequels are rarely as good as the original – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having read and seen the movies, I had no problem imagining the scenes in my mind. Sure, I miss what a novel would have provided but the story itself was thrilling and exciting and true to the HP franchise.

I do have to note – I am a bit disappointed by the character they turned Ron into. While the young Ron bares a lot in common with the older Ron, I had hoped time, experience and parenthood might mold him a little differently than the writers did. I also missed the involvement of the supporting characters – where are the Weaselys and Neville and even Dudley? All strong supporting characters in the first series, and all but absent in the second.Then again – its a screenplay, not a novel, so I suppose this is to be expected.

Anyway – despite a few lackings – it’s definitely a good read and I truly hope this unleashes the beginning of a new set of HP books! Many, MANY, are expressing outrage over this book – but I am simply excited for another HP story.

Have you read it? Do you plan to? What did/do you think?

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