A Day in the Life

I’ve seen these “Day In the Life” posts and I always wanted to do one, but since they are typically done by Moms, and I am not a Mom, I didn’t. However, I have a uniquely different perspective as I am not a mother, but am not child free either. I provide after school and weekend care 5 days a week for my 4 year old nephew aside from my full time job – meaning 3 weekdays, and both weekend days, I spend being a parent. I am immensely blessed to have a sister willing to let me be so active in his life…and thought I might share a little window of my typical day with MB.

4:00 AM: Dogs wake me up to go outside. Mr. Big sleeps blissfully through their whimpers (as always). Once I’m up I have to pee, and then usually can’t sleep right away. After much cow counting and bargaining with the Sand Man, I manage to fall back asleep by 4:45.

5:15 AM: Get up, grab a drink of water and then hop in the shower.

5:45 AM: Showered. Go pack lunch and unload/load dishwasher.

6:05 AM: Drag dogs out of bed and send them outside. Get dressed and ready for work.

6:30 AM: Call dogs in, and drag a very reluctant Mr. Big from bed like the giant toddler he is. Kiss them all goodbye and leave for work.

7:00 – 3:00 PM: Workin’ for the man … (just kidding, I work at a Hospital)

3:00ish PM: Rush home, let the dogs out and run them. We all enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and I love seeing my pups so happy. Go inside and try to entice them to cool down and stop heaving for air before I feed them dinner (or else I will be cleaning it up again). I usually try to squeeze a quick floor wash or bathroom wipe down in this time when the dogs are laying on the floor exhausted and out from under my feet. Feed the dogs once they have settled.

3:50 PM: Let the dogs out again after dinner because they have not have enough running around sniffing stuff yet.

4:00 PM: Let the dog’s in and head out to get MB. Drive 30 minutes to his after school program to pick him up. Spend 10 minutes collecting him, his bag, and saying goodbye to every single person/thing/item he may have come into contact with today.

4:45 PM: Drive home listening to MB chatter adorably about his day and all of the things that happened to him. Easily my favourite part of the day. We usually sing a song or two on the ride as well while I try to keep him awake because Kindergarten is exhausting!

5:15 PM: Get home and let the dogs out. Impatiently wait for MB  to collect every rock from our gravel driveway that he can possibly fit into his little hands. Bribe him to leave them outside instead of on my coffee table.

5:25 PM: MB has a snack while I look through his bag for homework or teachers notes. Let the dogs out again.

5:30 PM: MB watches one episode of his new fav. show (currently Ranger Rob) that Mr. Big has recorded for him while I prepare dinner and do a load of laundry. Mr. Big gets home and brings the dogs in.

6:00 PM: Serve dinner. Beg MB to eat his vegetables to no avail…end up cutting up an apple so he at least has something of the fruit/vegetable category.

6:20 PM: MB and I do some “homework” (reading) while Mr. Big cleans up dinner. Let dogs out so they can sniff stuff again.

6:30 PM: MB brushes his teeth and then plays until his Mom arrives. Let dogs inside.

7:00 PM: The dog’s announce MB’s mom’s arrival, so he frantically rushes around to put his toys away and get his shoes on so he is ready the second she comes in the door. I give her a quick recap of the day, visit for a few minutes, and then receive a hundred goodbye kisses, hugs and “I’ll miss you’s” before they’re off.

7:20 PM: Tidy/wipe/sweep and run a load of dishes while Mr. Big plays with the dogs and cues up one of our shows on the PVR (we almost never get to watch a show the time it is aired).

7:45 PM: Enjoy the peace and quiet with Mr. Big and the pups – who have promptly fallen deeply asleep because being a dog and having a 4 year old to follow around and sniff is exhausting.

8:50 PM: Consider getting up and prepping for tomorrow by packing my lunch and laying out my clothes. Think better of it and check face.book instead.

9:30 PM: Refuse to go to bed despite my drooping eyelids because I’m not 90, but pee and brush my teeth anyway just in case. Pull out my book and get a whole two pages in before I promptly fall asleep. Mr. Big uses this time to catch up on redneck shows and/or sports, serenaded by my gentle snoring breathing.

10:30/11:00 PM: Mr. Big lets the dogs out, puts away anything they can get into and the ushers me off the couch and into bed.

4:00 AM – Start all over again.

The weekends are much the same except they involve much more playing, reading and usually a bath (or two) for MB since we are home all day. The three of us (and sometimes the dogs) try to have a “baventure” of some sort on Saturdays (the zoo, fishing, a hike, apple picking, scavenger hunts, etc) and spend Sundays doing stuff around the house.

*Re-reading this, I am thinking it makes us look more productive than we are. Don’t be deceived – while we rarely spend our days laying in the sun drinking cocktails like childless couples are supposed to – we spend plenty of time letting dishes pile up, avoiding laundry, making a mess, and neflixing until the “Are you still watching?” notice pops up … just like everyone else. 🙂

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