Wordy Wednesday

What I’ve read:

The Paying Guests – Sarah Waters: This was the most strange novel I’ve read in a long time. It was well written, but I actually didn’t enjoy it at all. Nothing about the book gave me a good feeling – it was sad, and desperate, and just unpleasant. It highlights the issues same-sex couples faced (and continue to face), and it also highlighted not only the injustice but also the desperate lengths some have to go to in order to protect a secret deemed unconceivable by society.

The Scent of Sake – Joyce Lebra: I enjoyed this book. It showed the plight of a quietly strong young woman and her silent battle for power in a male dominated world. She shows just enough strength to challenge the norm, but not enough to bring down the hammer on her family. I like this character – she shows the quiet side of feminism that I, personally, belong to.

Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins: Oh. This book. I had big expectations for it – I had heard it was a “game changer” and insanely clever. I love a good thriller with a twist – and  was so excited to read it…. but I did not find it to be those things. I found the “twist” to be predictable – maybe not at first, but as I continued to read and get to know the characters it became obvious. It was also very sad – the life that Rachel leads is so desperately sad and lonely. It focused on the darker side of life – affairs, domestic abuse, alcohol abuse… and had very little light in it. Not my cup of tea, at all. I doubt I will see the movie!

What I’m Reading:

The House Without Windows – Nadia Hashimi: I have been plugging away at this book for a couple weeks, which is not my usual style (I’m typically a binge reader). I haven’t really gotten into it – but yet I still want to read it and am consistently going back to it. I’m not sure how I feel about it, other than that it is sad and infuriating. It’s mind blowing to me, as a born and raised Canadian, that women in this day and age have to face jail time or a death sentence for being raped, falling in love or for being suspected killing their husbands (regardless of what he did to them first – not that killing him isn’t wrong, but sometimes it’s self defense or the abuse is so intense it seems like the only option to save yourself and your family). It’s not that I didn’t know how corrupt some parts of the world are, I did, but seeing it laid out in such clear terms is shocking…the lengths Zeba is going to, to protect something that in my country would be a monstrous crime all on it’s own, is incredible and intensely humane. It also makes me thankful for how very, very lucky I am to be Canadian and free.


What are you reading right now? Have you read anything good recently? I’d love to hear about it in the comments – I am ALWAYS up for new book suggestions!

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