Death – Never Gets Old

I will never adjust to the idea of death (although, I imagine we are not supposed to). Each and every time I learn of the passing of someone in my life, whether it’s expected or not, it is both shocking and sad. The older I get, the older the people in my life get, and the more we hear about the passing of people we love. This is something I never understood, or realized, when I was a kid and dreaming of all the freedom that adulthood would bring. I remember my parents going to funerals, but it never occurred to me that they may have loved the person they are going to say goodbye too. I thought grief was reserved for immediate family, but now – as an adult – I see it comes in many forms and on many levels.

Yesterday I learned of the sudden passing of a woman who I have not seen in 5 years, but who had a very big impact on my younger self. I think of her every so often, and it is always with good feelings towards her. She came into my life at a very delicate time, and she was so kind and generous. Throughout the years she has remained the kindest and most generous person I know – she spent most of her free time and money giving to people in need all over the world. She shared her generosity and inspired others. I am so sad for her family and friends, who should have had many more years with her. I am also sad for the world, who benefited so much from her time here. She truly made a good, solid imprint on the world.

While she was not a close friend or family, she has always and will always hold a special place in my heart.


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