Wordy Weekend – Prompt #1

I am using prompts from various locations including books, websites and a fellow writer with a very creative mind. I will always reference the source, as needed, with the exception of my writer friend who has given me permission to use his prompts.

The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree:

Like my father, I am strong headed, frugal and box shaped.

Like my mother, I am intelligent and witty, independent and capable.

Like my grandfather, I am curious and love to read.

Like my grandmother, I am a minimalist who hates excess.

Like my aunt, I am curly haired and green eyed.

Like my cousin, I am barren and heartbroken.

Like my sister, I am big chested and curvy.

Like my best friend, I am accepting and open minded.

Like my husband, I am light hearted and cheerful.

Like my dogs, I am easy to please and love easily.

Like my nephew, I love a challenge and adventure.

Like my childhood bully, I am flawed and imperfect.

Like my high school teacher, I have a passion for writing.

Like my coworker, I adjust easily to changes.

Like my childhood friend, I am most happy when I am working hard.

Like my therapist, I am empathetic and caring, thoughtful and considerate.

Like my doctor, I am interested in life and always strive to do better.

Like my dog sitter, I am unique and honest.

From all these trees I fall, from all these trees I grow, from all these trees I am.

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