Feeling kinda duped…

A position above me at work was abruptly let go in January. I was thrilled when they came to me and asked me to cover some of the workload while they hired a replacement, they also encouraged me to apply. Most of my coworkers encouraged me to apply, too.

After much weighing of my options, I decided not to apply – for a couple different reasons (including insecurity about whether or not I was good enough to do the job).

The first round of interviews took place, and they did not find a candidate. At this point, the VP approached me again and asked me to apply – saying this job was “made for me”. So, I decided to apply. I requested an exception be made since I missed the cutoff for the posting, which they granted (and they rarely grant them), and I applied. My interview went really well.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that they decided “to go a different direction” and hire someone with a specific kind of experience that is completely unrelated to the current role. I never expected to get handed the position, by any means, but it certainly seemed like they wanted me … I was completely surprised to find out I was unsuccessful.

I remained amicable and pleasant, like I always do, but inside I was licking my wounds. It’s always hard when you find out you’re not good enough for something. Especially when they have me doing the role (at my current pay rate, not the significantly higher rate the full time role pays).

I began to look forward to giving the work back that belongs to this role, and getting back to my regular stuff. It’s been really hard to balance both, and I can see why one pays higher – there is a lot more stress.

Well, today I found out that not only did I not succeed in getting the higher paying position, they’ve decided to revamp it and “let” me keep the work I’ve been covering – at my current pay rate, not the higher one the role receives. So I get to do executive work, with an administrative pay cheque…while everyone else who does that work gets an executive pay cheque.

Not that this is about money, because it’s not. But if I’m doing the same work as the others, and you’re paying them significantly more than me…well, that feels like a complete rip off. You’re getting me for a steal.

The thing is, and probably the whole reason I’m in this position, is I never complain and I am good at my job. I am not afraid to work hard. But now, they are walking all over me and I don’t know how to say anything.


4 thoughts on “Feeling kinda duped…

  1. akblueberry April 8, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    You need to do something because from the sounds of it, they are taking advantage from you. Do you have a job description as part of your contract? You can simply say tell them those extra duties are not part of your job description but you would be okay with reclassification. That means, a new job description which goes through HR and a chance to argue for a raise. Do you have an HR department? Go talk to them. A union? Also a good place to go discuss your options. Don’t let them get away with this BS.


    • RavenTheRambler April 17, 2017 / 1:38 pm

      No Union or contract … but I met with my Director and told her that it is too significant of a workload for one person, and she is (thankfully) helping me to address it with HR. Thank you for your comments!


  2. Dubliner in Deutschland April 26, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    That is not ok! You need to have a meeting with your boss and say you would be prepared to take on the extra workload if your salary is also increased accordingly. Or at least that it will be increased in a few months time. Best of luck, I can imagine it’s a difficult conversation!


    • RavenTheRambler April 27, 2017 / 10:22 am

      Thank you for your comment and advice! I have since had this conversation (and it totally sucked) but at least it is making the changes I needed so it was worth it.


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