#microblogmondays – Being a rockstar Aunt…I am so blessed.

One thing (and possibly, the only) I am grateful that infertility has given me – is the ability to be a super, rockstar, 120% giving Aunt.

My own lack of fertility enables me to love my nephews with every single ounce of my soul. It enables me to spoil them, and mother them, and have a small taste of what I want most in the world. It enables me to experience all the wonders of parenthood – first smiles, first giggles, first holidays, first words, first days of School, theme parks, zoos, museums (that I wouldn’t go to on my own), Halloween’s, Christmas Morning’s, Easter Egg hunts, love and kisses, snuggles, the kind of hugs that make you sigh with happiness, park visits, beach days, birthday parties, kids movies, reading together, watching the world through their little eyes, being loved for simply being a part of their world…. and so, so much more. It enables me to be involved in every part of their life, acting as a third parent (or second, for Beans). It enables me to help shape them into the wonderful, strong, respectful men we all want them to be. There is very little in the world more precious to me than my role as Aunt. It enables me to have a part of something that I may very well never get to experience….and for that, I treasure every single moment with them.


I am so blessed to have sisters who want and encourage me to be in their sons lives as a permanent and constant figure. I love that my oldest nephew is approaching the age where he seeks me for advice and for secret keeping (within reason, of course!). I am so blessed that all three boys are so kind, and so funny, and so loving and charming (and healthy!).

I am just so blessed. I could do to remember that a little more when I am lost in the throes of infertility and failed treatments.

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12 thoughts on “#microblogmondays – Being a rockstar Aunt…I am so blessed.

  1. That sounds amazing. It’s nice, in the throes of the pain, to see and celebrate some of the things that are positive in the life that is, right now. It sounds like you are an incredible aunt, these boys are lucky to have your 120%!


  2. It’s so awesome that you can so fully participate in their lives! I miss my nephew all the time – he’s so far away that I only see him once or twice a year. And I do cherish the time I spend with him watching him learn and grow.


  3. I love my niece, and am really grateful to have her, despite being in a different country. I get quite offended when people dismiss their nephews and nieces, I take it a bit too personally. For example a friend at work who has a son was commenting disgustedly on how it’s “really abnormal” for another colleague (another mother) to talk so much about her siblings’ kids, because she herself just wasn’t “that interested in” her own nieces & nephews. I’ve had similar conversations a lot here, with others even saying they “hate” so and so (a nephew or niece), or moaning about having to go to a wedding because it’s “only my niece and she’s a little bitch/ he’s a little shit”. Maybe there’s a lot of sibling rivalry here but I feel like it demeans my own position. I tell them “you might feel differently if you didn’t have kids” but I just get strange looks. The default position in this country for a lot of parents is to be not very interested in their nieces and nephews. I suppose non-parents just don’t have the baggage that siblings with kids have….


    • I totally agree. People think it’s odd that I’m so involved….but they are my family so why wouldn’t I be? It takes a village…and I honestly think if more people invested in the children in their lives, perhaps we’d see an improvement in the next generation. My sister’s have their heads on straight – but if there was ever a bad situation at home, I’d want to be a safe place for my nephews to land if needed. If only every child from a troubled home had that option…

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  4. So glad you’re sharing your attitude of gratitude. It’s wonderful that you are close with your family as you go through this. When we were TTC, we had quite the opposite. Between the two of us, we have four brothers, and their wives didn’t trust us with their kids. They thought that not having kids of our own meant we were morons about how to care for them. We were quite isolated in those days.
    Keep up the good work with your nephews. There will always be a special place in their hearts for you.


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