Microblog Monday – Turning 4

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Just under 4 years ago, we brought home Chops – our first dog (now we have 3). As we were both dog people, we knew it would be a fun adventure…but I had no idea how fun. So many CD1’s I have spent curled up in bed, with Chops pressed into my back loving me when I was too sad to love myself.


So even though you can’t read, Chops, nor do you care about my words unless they are bacon and cheese wrapped – let me tell you what I’ve learned from you:

  1. Know who your people are and love them with your whole heart, always. No matter what they have done or haven’t done recently (RIP evening walks). Love them anyway, especially when they are too tired or sad or broken to love themselves, and then love them enough for two people.
  2. Live like someone left the gate open. Approach everything with the energy of 100 toddlers…even if it’s trying to catch the turkeys (that you will NEVER catch since you can’t fly) that taunt you in the field by the house – burst through that door and into that field like a cannon, any way, even if they were already in the air before you finished taking off. Or when your Mom is throwing out a band-aid that you think may or may not be a delicious piece of bacon since they ate bacon sometime last month – lunge for it, and eat it like the champ you are (barf).
  3. Take chances on things that seem out of your reach (See flying turkey reference above)…and try, even if you’re likely to fail.
  4. Food = life. Eat it, enjoy it, and be thankful for it because there is always someone who would give anything for what you have (including a drooling, shameless dog pressed to your thigh watching every…move…you…make….).
  5. Nap and stretch, often. Rest, relax, refill your cup. You can’t be awesome 100% of the time – enjoy your down time, so you have the energy to lunge for the illusive turkey when it comes around.
  6. Don’t apologize for who you are. You are unique and special, and the world needs you. Even if you’re a jerk who steals your mom’s spot in bed EVERY TIME SHE GETS UP TO PEE because you like the warmth and – girl needs a pillow – and then play dead when she tries to move you. Even then, be yourself.
  7. Know your value. Be brave enough to stand up for your worth, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. If you know you’re as valuable as a person who gets to sit in the comfy chairs, eat the delicious food from the table and sit in laps the same size as your own – then do it, and when they yell at you and tell you no, do it again (once their backs are turned, of course) and when they catch you, play dead.

Happy Birthday Chopsie – thanks for being awesome, exhausting, and rotten sometimes…everyone promised me you would grow out of the terrible two phase, and here we are at four! But I wouldn’t change you for anything, life wouldn’t be the same without you!

*Please note, Chops is not her real name. She also goes by Chopsie, Choppers, Brown Beard, Black Dog, Bertha, Meatloaf, Barkley, Lady Barkington the Third, Maisers, Crazy Maisy and sometimes even plain ole Maisy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Microblog Monday – Turning 4

  1. Jess May 29, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Happy birthday, Chops! Love the life lessons. I am going to steal a pillow and then play dead in her honor… 🙂


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