Wordy Wednesday – Book Reviews

It has been SO LONG since I did a book review… I did my last one a while ago.

So here it is – what I’ve been reading since then:

Season of the Dragonflies – Sarah Creech – April 2017 —- Genre: Drama / Fantasy

I like the way this book was magical, existing and is heroine centered. I found a lot of it a little too out there (and I love fantasy…but I think I prefer a completely fantastical world, not just a little bit weaved into regular life). I didn’t find myself inhaling it, but it was good. I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in a light read.

Kiss River – Diane Chamberlain – April 2017 — Genre: Romance/Historical

This was an easy, light read. It had a bit of mystery and some romance. I’m not usually a romance reader – but it was nice and easy to read – the words flowed easily together. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light read and doesn’t mind romance.

Boy Still Missing – John Searles – May 2017 — Genre: Mystery

I’ve recently discovered a love for Mystery novels. This was no exception – it was well written, exciting and I think I finished it in 6 hours. It’s sad, but completely consuming and reflective of the era it was intended to represent. I would recommend this to mystery lovers.

The Light Keeper’s Daughter – Jean E. Pendziwol – June 2017 — Genre: History/ Drama

This book was all shades of emotions – sad, happy, exciting, scary, depressing… yet, I completely enjoyed it. I don’t usually love the books written from the perspective of an aging person, about their childhood because I don’t love when books flip flop between eras – but it was really good. I would definitely recommend this one, but I’d be careful who I recommend it to because it does have a child loss in it.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood – July 2017 – Genre: Drama

In highschool I read Alias Grace – I loved the way it was written, but hated the open ending. Well, I feel exactly the same about The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve stated before my feelings about books that end wide open, without resolution. Still, I am glad I read it and I would love to sit down with Margaret and pick her brain about what SHE thinks happened. I’m not sure if I would recommend this…it’s a bizarre book, like Atwood loves to write, and it is definitely not for everyone – especially since it talks to candidly about fertility, infertility and loss.


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Book Reviews

  1. Risa Kerslake July 21, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    Fun fact about me: I love reading more than anything else in the world. So thank you for the book recommendations. I actually have Boy Still Missing on my list to read, but I want to check some of these others out too! I like Kiss River too. Romance isn’t my favorite genre, but I do like Diane Chamberlain.


    • RavenTheRambler July 21, 2017 / 9:00 pm

      Me too! It is my coping mechanism, my way of celebrating, my way of grieving and how I unwind. I didn’t think anyone read these – but I’m glad to see you did! On my links I have my book love list and there are more there with links to their reviews if you’re looking for some suggestions. 🙂


  2. Dubliner in Deutschland July 24, 2017 / 9:39 am

    I’m reading the Haidmaiden’s Tale at the moment for my book club. It is a bizarre book like you say but I do find myself curious about what’s going to happen next. It’s scary too, imaging a world like that!


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