Wordy Wednesday – Book Review

The Edge of the Earth – Christina Schwarz – June 2017 – Genre: Drama/Mystery

This book was haunted, like an 18th century house. It was unique, interesting, and yet – I felt like everything wasn’t completely resolved as they finished it. I didn’t enjoy the depressing under tone, although I did like the story. It was well written and did suck me in, but I wanted it to be happier than it was.

Still Missing – Beth Gutcheon – June 2017 – Genre: Mystery

Oh my god…anyone who loves a small child, have a stiff drink before you read this because this book contains every parent/caregivers worst nightmare. It is scary, exciting, devastating and completely terrifying – and yet an excellent read. I was up into the wee hours of the night finishing it, because I just HAD TO KNOW what happened.

Between Friends – Kristy Kiernan – May 2017 – Genre: Drama

This book could be a little raw for some of you – so please keep that in mind before reading – it is about infertility, surrogacy, and the complicated relationship that develops between friends connected by surrogacy. It was a good read, but I found it both predictable and a bit cliche. Honestly – I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Drowning Ruth РChristina Schwarz РJuly 2017 РDrama/Mystery 

In this book, the author presents a deeply emotional topic in a way that is both admirable and enthralling. She weaves the story in a way that first leads you to believe the character is insane, then not insane but selfish and a little psychopathic, to realizing she is just a normal person experiencing an impossible turn of events who is trying to do the right thing at great personal cost. I didn’t love the way some things didn’t resolve – but I did not feel the story was left unfinished by any means. I would definitely recommend this book – but please note it includes baby loss in it.


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