Wordy Wednesday – Book Review

I actually am not reading anything good right now. I’ve tried to read a few, and just couldn’t get into them (I’m currently struggling through Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obrecht and not loving it.). I need to find a new book – but I’m thinking it’s time to get a library card because: I read constantly and am slowly bankrupting us. Okay, not really bankrupting us but while some of you spend your extra money on shoes, clothes or make-up – I spend mine on books. And it adds up.

Anyway … since I have no good books to add. I will tell you about some other things keeping me enthralled right now.

#1 – Midnight, Texas. Have you seen this show? It’s brand-spanking-new, only had two episodes, but we are addicted. I’m serious, when it’s on there is not a sound in our house except the TV. It’s odd because Mr. Big set it to PVR based on a preview he saw, even though it includes all the things he doesn’t like (paranormal, vampires, etc.)….and he can’t even remember what it was that made him want to record it – but we are SO glad he did. It’s so good! We never got into Game of Thrones or Walking Dead or anything like that…but this one has us snapped up into it’s clutches begging for more.

#2 – America’s Got Talent. I always love this show – it is so neat to see the kind of things people do – there is some mad talent out there! But, to narrow it down, this year there was a piano playing chicken. I’m not lying. For reals. Piano playing chicken. Youtube it. Then I had to have a talk with my chickens about how they’re just a bunch of underachievers. Shockingly, they did not care…

#3 – Post Secret. Have you guys heard of this? I’ve been a follower for years, but I’ve never mentioned it on here before. Go check out the website, it’s truly interesting and unique. I look forward to the postings every single Sunday.

#4 – The New Girl. How did I miss this? It’s been on for a while, but somehow I have always missed it. I accidentally watched it when I was folding laundry and couldn’t find the remote…and I’m glad I did! It was funny!

What are you reading or watching right now? I’m always looking for new suggestions!


6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Book Review

  1. Beth August 2, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    I recommend reading “tell the wolves I’m home” and watching Ozark on Netflix if you have that. Or the leftovers which was an hbo show. Both excellent.


  2. differentshoresblog August 8, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    I’m also looking for something good to read. I just read the book “Grief Is The Thing With Feathers” and thought it was brilliant (warning: death, sad). It only took me about 35 minutes on a plane journey and made me cry in public. On telly, I adored The Handmaid’s Tale and I’m liking Top Of The Lake. I sat down and watched a load of Broad City the other day which cheered me up. If you haven’t seen the series River with Stellan Skarsgård from a couple of years ago, I found that amazing.


  3. loribeth61 August 8, 2017 / 10:56 pm

    Haha!! Dh & I have often said, some people spend their money on alcohol & cigarettes… we spend ours on books. Every time we go away on vacation for any length of time, we joke that the people at Chapters (the local megabookstore) had probably noticed a drop in profits while we were gone.

    I am trying to decide what to watch next on Netflix. As for books, I am just finishing up “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer — about the Koch brothers and other billionaires who are bankrolling right-wing politicians & causes to benefit themselves. Depressing and infuriating but a very important book. I will probably look for something lighter to read next, though…!


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