** All of the women in my family have obesity, with type II diabetes and osteoarthritis (early onset) requiring joint replacement. I know that I have the genes to follow suit, and it’s something I am aware of and work at preventing. However, this last year has been hard and I let things slip more than I realized. **

Somewhere around the end of summer I had put on about 50lbs and began to notice issues with my joints and overall health. I was achy, having head aches all the time, unable to do a lot of what I used to do due to joint pain as well as not ovulating/irregular periods for the first time in a long time.

I went to my Doctor, knowing full well that I was likely to develop diabetes and osteoarthritis if I wasn’t careful. They’re still investigating my joints, but I *thankfully* do not have diabetes or even pre-diabetes. However, this experience was enough to scare me into some changes, and I really want to share my progress.

I did NOT do a diet – I don’t believe in them. I DID change my lifestyle though.

  • I only eat 3 balanced meals per day. I know snacking is supposed to be good for you, but when I snack – I make bad choices, even when all I have is healthy snacks. So, for now, snacking is out of the question. Eating good, lasting meals makes me fuller longer so I don’t feel the need to snack.
  • Vitamins galore!
  • Only drink water or coffee (and only coffee in the AM).
  • No chips, chocolate, candy or pop. This was HARD… I didn’t realize how much I’ve come to enjoy a little chocolate pick-me-up or chips during movies. *yikes*. However, I am well through the worst of it and now find it much easier to not indulge.
  • No takeout of any kind (not even “healthy” takeout). Every meal from a restaurant comes with double the calories of what I’d eat at home…plus, when we get takeout we’re more inclined to get bad things because we’re eating in the privacy of our own home. We have eaten out at a restaurant a few times, but been careful to make good choices.
  • Increased daily activity. Park further away, take the stairs, do an extra lap walking the dogs, use the bathrooms at the far end of my work building, etc. etc. Little things that, when added up, make a big difference. 😊

Eventually I plan to reintroduce healthy snacking because I do believe it is good for your metabolism but right now, I know I don’t have the self-control to consistently make good choices and even to KNOW when I need a snack vs. when I’m emotionally hungry.

My progress has been great.

  • Weight-loss: I’m down 9.6 lbs.
  • Clothing: I feel a big difference in the way things fit, but not enough to buy anything new yet.
  • Non-weight related:
    • I took the stairs at work and had NO pain! I almost skipped down them it felt so good. 😊
    • Daily headaches are down to a couple per week (max)

*I’m thinking about starting Yoga but no idea where to begin? What about you? What works for you to keep in shape?


6 thoughts on “Weightloss

  1. Beth says:

    Awesome and good for you!! I do yoga at home and I love Yoga with Adriene in YouTube. Start with her 30 days challenge and work up from there. She’s inspiring and all about doing what works for you. Plus she has a cool dog who drops in occasionally. 😂

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  2. Dubliner in Deutschland says:

    Well done! I used to have a bad habit of snacking at work on biscuits or chocolate. So then I started bringing in bags of mixed nuts to snack on instead. I found a piece of fruit didn’t cut it but a handful of nuts would satisfy the snacking urge! I would also be more conscientious about what I eat like asking myself, “do I really need that piece of cake right now?”. At the same time I also let myself have treats just ideally small amounts.

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  3. loribeth61 says:

    Good for you!! I am a good 30-40 lbs above my ideal weight, and I think that’s one reason why my knees have been bothering me more these past few years (on top of general aging stuff). I keep saying I need to get back to yoga. I took a weekly yoga or yogalates (combination yoga & Pilates) class for a few years that was offered through the local community college, and I really enjoyed that. The local community centre also had courses — you could try your local facility. Where I am now, there are quite a few private studios (as well as regular gyms that offer yoga classes as part of their lineup). And yes, I hear a lot of people swear by Adriane on YouTube. 🙂

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  4. katherinea12 says:

    Congratulations on a great start! It’s really hard to make those shifts but it sounds like it’s working well for you.

    I have a pedometer/fitness tracker band (a very cheap off brand, lol, but it works pretty well) that I find helpful – it reminds me to keep moving and accumulating steps feels like a game. Something in my brain just responds to getting to that next “point level” so to speak, and hitting a measurable goal daily.

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  5. Angie Collier says:

    I really love your post. I too am trying to really abstain from snaking. Planning my meals and a time to actually eat. Ive dedicated my whole blog to lossing weight. I too am totally in the process. I created a closed facebook group and I would love if you joined! Its about inspiring others add being inspired through a weight loss journey. I wish you well and hope to read more soon!



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