PCOS Awareness Symposium - Presented by PCOS Challenge, Inc.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not because I had any of the awful symptoms (facial hair, excess weight, hair loss, insulin resistance) but because I had a cyst on my ovary that had to be removed, and when they removed it (and the ovary and fallopian tube due to contortion of the cyst) they could clear see it was polycystic.

Since then, I’ve had an increase in some of the minor symptoms but most have stayed away (thank goodness). The one thing that continues to plague me is unreliable periods and annovulation.

Mr. Big and I were not married when I was diagnosed, but I was advised that if I wanted kids – to do it while I was young because it gave me lots of time for alternatives. After getting engaged, we tossed the birth control and started trying.

Fast forward to 2017. We are 30, still not pregnant or anywhere near pregnancy. In the last 6.5 years of trying (using diet, supplements, exercise, massage and every other holistic method I could come up with) I have not seen a positive on ANYTHING. Not on a pregnancy test, and not on an ovulation test (although blood tests do show I am ovulating). I’m starting to wonder if positives are even real – they elude me so.

We’ve decided 2017 is going to be our year to pull out the big guns. We’re both ready – so ready – and we’re giving it one last natural go before we move into Clomid cycles, followed by IVF.

November 2016: Go for my annual physical and ask Dr. H to help us get pregnant. We’re ready, and we’re tired of trying non-medicinal methods. We want a baby already. She does a full work up, and everything looks great so she gives us the green light. She gives us both a whole whack of supplements, diet recommendations, guidelines to conceive and we all agree that I will come back in June to start Clomid if I have no success by then (3 months to get my cycle mapped out, and 3 months to try before moving onto medications). I know it’s unlikely we will conceive naturally based on our history – but I’m not ready to give up on my body yet and want to try just one more time before we start medication and interventions.

December 2016: OPK and CM show no ovulation. Breast tenderness and crampy at CD21. Dr. H orders blood draw and ultrasound monthly going forward. Period is late, BFN. 😦

January 2016: OPK and CM show no ovulation. Breast tenderness and crampy at CD22. Blood tests and ultrasound show: Ovulation! What. The. Feck. Flu hit our household, hardly any BD’ing…not surprised to get a BFN.

February 2016: OPK and CM show no ovulation. Breast tenderness and crampy at CD21. Blood tests and ultrasound show: Ovulation again! What. The. Feckity. Feck. Work is super busy for us both, not BD’ing as much as normal – period is early (BFN).

March 2016: Meet with Dr. H – ask what is wrong with my body that it is doing things that it is not showing on my pee sticks. Dr. H assures me these home methods are NOT accurate for everyone, and to throw them all out the window and rely on the blood work/ultrasound (even/especially for pregnancy testing). I reluctantly agree, knowing it’s better for my sanity if I DON’T home test. Manage to BD at all the right times, currently CD33 and no period yet but I’m too much of a chicken to test at home (I can’t bear to see a negative again). I have blood work to be done this week and will know more by early next week.