Book Club

Hi Everyone!

Do you like to read?

For the last several weeks I’ve been considering an online book club of some kind and finally decided to do it. I hope you’ll join me and share with your friends so we can create quite the group.

How it works:

  1. I have created a page titled “Blueberry Book Club” (because Blueberry Book Club sounds fun!). There I will keep a list of members, who is up next to select a book, and link ups to the book club discussion.
  2. Each member will take a turn selecting a book based on the order in which they signed up. They will host the book club on their blog during their turn, and they will be responsible for coming up with 5-10 questions for discussion. The discussion will happen on their blog in the comment section and will remain open for a week.
  3. I will link up each book club post onto the master page of the Blueberry Book Club for ease of reference and so anyone who comes along down the road can see what it’s all about.┬áPlease remember to link the master page in your post, so new members can find our list of discussions!


Does this sound like something you’d like? Or something someone you know might like? Or something someone you don’t know, but might who be reading your blog anyway, might like? Then please share this post and spread it around! The more, the merrier!

Sign up in the comments of THIS PAGE with your name and blog address. Don’t forget to share with your friends – I am hoping to get at least a few members!